Thursday, November 13, 2014


only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving 

14 days 

2 weeks


How do you track?
Do you track? 
Lose it?
Weight watcher app? 
My fitness pal? 
A fit bit?
Nike wrist band?

The electronic apps I think are too generous with fitness 

If they were accurate I would be weighing about 120 right now 

I look at the fitness and it gives me a false sense of security 

But it is fake 

I am forgetting sometimes that I have a brain in my head

simple Karla

keep your calories on the lower side
go to the gym

duh not really complicated

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep

I usually don't focus on my work on this blog...
it's about my weight

usually..... but

I am a grocery store manager

and maybe that explains why I am such a foodie
Thanksgiving is just 16 days away

Now in case you just flew in on a space ship.... this is the big season in retail

I am talking HUGE!!!!

You folks want your food...
we have list's and checklists and plans and data and organizing to do and all kinds of whoosie whatsit's to get straightened out and planned and organized... that sometimes

Thanksgiving is kind of anti climactic for me

Just can't help feeling thankful the freaking day is O-V-E-R

boo bad grumpy grouchy Karla

but when you come into my store of course this is what you will see on my face 

oh yeah gotta smile..

inside I am thinking.... always thinking
did they order those mashed potatoes?  
what about the egg order?
 did the pies come in?
 oh I have to call about the pop up turkey times... 
uh oh... he didn't shave... 
her shirt isn't tucked in... 
oh oh smile Karla... "hi... are you finding every thing okay?" 
uh oh... a conference call... 
oops gotta check my email... 
oh dang she wants WHAT day off? oh yeah that ain't gonna happen... 
smile... "I'll see what I can do" 

plus about a zillion more things racing through my mind 

a friend posted a link yesterday on my face book
so this holiday season I am going to TRY and slow down 
and enjoy the process 

I plan for it 
now just chill Karla and enjoy the process 

what does this post have to do with food and weight and fitness
freaking nothing 

okay now food 
all good on track 
fitness... gym yesterday and today also 
check check and check 

one request people 

be nice to people this Holiday season.... 

you never know what someone is going through 
you (insert me ----> Karla) 
don't know what some one else is going through 

love, peace and Chicken grease 

Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been reading a lot of posts this morning 
can you spell insomnia? 

someone (and I apologize for not tagging your blog... I read A LOT of blog's this morning) mentioned about sugar being an addiction and how they made it through a few days of major sugar cravings and looked at it as abstaining from an addictive substance .... I will try and remember this next time I am FREAKING out at work and reaching for the chocolate covered peanuts 

then there was the blogger that posted about having a turn around and losing but not reaching a goal but needing to focus on the journey 

we all have similar stories and journeys 

reading that you struggle with the same issues I do makes me feel like I am not alone and I am.... dare I say.... NORMAL!!! 

so it was nice... 

a few of yesterday's food pixs 


my creamer, I always do 1/2 unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 SF creamer

of course ... egg whites  

prepped meals 

Fage, 4 whites, 3 oz turkey broccoli and SF BBQ sauce 

and I had tried those new Quest chips... they were good for a snack. Nice to leave the store and go over to the GNC and get a snack... get's me out of my store for a few minutes 

on the way home I picked up a child sized SF frozen yogurt 
yesterday was just under 1200 calories 
and it was nice to wake up 
(at the butt crack of the middle of the night ... boo sad face) 
and not feel the stiffness in my hands 
when I go all crazy with my food (and grains) I have MAJOR hand stiffness 
grains be evil for me 

so today may be a bit of a struggle 
got up way way way way too early but I will struggle through 
off tomorrow 

theme for the day: 

gotta love Sandra B!! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Goals, a few of my goals

so lets get this out there
I am 55 people... yeppers I know you thought I was 25
no okay for sur 35?

ah no??? okay okay 45??

okay now I am discouraged... you all knew I was 55....

oh dang!!

any whoosle... I have to think about retirement and I want to be healthy as a friggin horse! so I am a bit food and fitness obsessed... plus it's my thang and I am into it so


so I have become a bit OCD since my kids have moved out... house needs to be uber clean, laundry done.. tidy tidy tidy and I am a bit
 (er.... read A LOT!!!) of a counting freak 

so it is 18 FULL days until Thanksgiving and I want to enjoy my day with no guilt that I have derailed my diet 

18 days girl... duh... didn't you just read .... lol 

so here is my plan 

18 days full force 
all in 
no cheating 
only 18 days 

ya in? 
can I, you? us? we? 
can this be done 

----> insert Arnold voice 

I don't want to be going to the gym the day after Thanksgiving feeling like this!! 

So today and tomorrow are ball busting work days for me 
3 shakes 
3 mini meals 
duh per day...

and accountability tomorrow night  

lets do this people!!! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hello thar

been boring around here lately 

same ole same ole menu 

egg whites
3 ounces chicken or turkey and veggies 

OMG you are so skinny Karla!!!! right??? 


so I moved the candy from the kitchen to my husbands night stand 

did that help?? 

oh Paleese!!! 

(that's please drawled out.... derp) 

so today it's back to the gym and shakes and egg whites 
but the good news is I am still down 10 pounds 
153 this morning down from a high of 164.7

When I am feeling comfortable and like I am all that 
it's hard to kick myself into gear 

it was strange .... yesterday size 10 pants 
BUT my belt was back on my size 6 notch 

chilling here that's me 

and gearing up for the holidays in retail 


and I WILL blog more bloggity family 

Monday, October 27, 2014

time to get unstuck

I have been in a holding pattern 
kind of going s-l-o-w-l-y

but I know why 
too many BLT's 
time to tighten things up 
164.7 was my reboot weight 
138 is my goal 
153 this morning 
15 more to go 
no more tiny bites
no more taste's 
no more 

time to get serious 

I have a CLOSET full of pants I need to get into 

food packed for the day .... check
going to the gym tonight 

Monday's Monday's gotta love dem Mondays 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Bloggity folks!!!!

checking in

I have been doing A LOT of cardo... 112 minute walk yesterday 

focused, focused , FOCUSED!!!! 
the scale is going down BUT 

Not fast enough!!! dang 
164.7 now at 154.6 

it is such a slow process 

maddening really 
but I know I will reach my goal 
made a lot of changes in reaching for it 

food has been on point for the most part 
it's "the most part" phrase that is killing me 
I have to be consistent 
that's always been the challenge 
BUT I have over 2 months to go 
I want to start 2015 in the 130's
I will do this!!! 

I haven't been blogging because it is just not exciting 
egg whites
3 ounces of chicken or turkey and a vegetable 
egg whites
3 ounces of chicken or turkey and a vegetable 
egg whites
3 ounces of chicken or turkey and a vegetable 
egg whites
3 ounces of chicken or turkey and a vegetable 


oh well 
off to the gym this morning

egg whites
3 ounces of chicken or turkey and a vegetable 


hopefully next blog entry I will be in the 140's
4 pounds to go!!!