Wednesday, May 20, 2015


okay let me preface this post with I am a 
55 year old Nerd 

mega salad from yesterday 

yes I am on vacation 
but I am going to a meeting today 
yes my hubster gave me mega crap for this 

food all packed for today 

not 100% the Kelly diet 
no fish 
I didn't have enough veggie's to make tuna 
but everything else is there 

yesterday was 100% 
gallon of water 
food on point 

eating that last meal at 6:30 of egg whites 
seems to be the trick 

tootles bloggity folks 
see ya tomorrow 
less of me that is 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New look... new outlook

lately have I had a hard time and 
I have forgotten how strong I am 
How committed I am able to be 
the laser focus I am capable of 


sometimes you just need to be reminded 

ANOTHER week of vacation
so I pulled out thee ole 'Kelly" diet 
my old trainer had me on 
it's a no brainer 
so perfect for this week 
I have NO plans 
I just need to take vacation 
before all the craziness starts 

yesterday was on POINT!!! 

I drank a gallon of water 
got my exercise in 

ate on schedule (pretty much) 

all this structure will help me this week 

I feel goal #1 ..... 
maybe before the week is out! 
boo yah baby! 

on a side bar.... 
On the My Fitness pal blog is an article 
on how to make 
Mason jar salads.... looks interesting 
has anyone tried this?
feeling a Google search and a project 
in the works 
Mason jar salads... interesting

so today: 
train at 7AM 
Mason Jar salad day...??? 
maybe a movie ...???
maybe a walk ... ??? 

see ya tomorrow
less of me that is 

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I have been thinking of a few bloggers... Instagramers and social media folks I follow on the regular


there is no done in weight management

hill and valleys

months, years on point and then

bang pounds come back

time to dig myself out of this hole


thinking of a total remodel of yee ole blogspot


Friday, May 15, 2015

screen shots

food was not too exciting yesterday 

I had an awesome circuit training session 
activity is always pretty much a guess 
the WWer app showed 12 points .... 

and I think my fitbit counts steps during my work commute 

so whatever 

good thing ..... I had an AWFUL HORRIBLE, crappy day yesterday 

and came home and didn't eat my stress 
and horrible crappy feelings away 

just sat and made like vegetables and vegged out to Netflix 

I am on another vacation next week 

soooo much coming up the next 6 months 
and there is no way in H-E double hockey sticks 
I am losing a week of paid vacation time 
so I will just chill 



feeling blecky this morning 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Do you remember the Pepsi challenge?

I am going to try the Weight Watchers challenge 
One week on NEW WWers and lost zero 
tracking points using protein/fat/carb formula 
 unlimited fruits and vegetable 

this week will be on old WWers ... 
tracking points using calories/fat/fiber formula  
fruits and vegetables have a value (not unlimited) 

so yesterday: 

food packed for work: 
salad using only 1 Tablespoon of dressing from kit 
and using 2 Tablespoons of my thinned balsamic dressing 
serving of nonfat cottage cheese 
added cucumber 
Greek yogurt
apple with cinnamon
carrots and jicama
sandwich thin with mustard 
Laughing cow wedge, and 2 slices turkey 

4 egg whites on 2 slices Bimbo high fiber crispy bread 

I stopped for my frozen yogurt ... 
forgot to take a picture 

then I got home...... 
my danger zone 

I ate half .... yes HALF 
a container of the fat free cool whip while making my 
food for today 
sheesh girl 
and a slice of turkey 
but I stopped myself 
drank some water and got some gum and 
settled in for a few episodes of 
Damages... OMG SOOOOO good 
I discovered this series on Netflix 
and loving it 


so here's to the challenge
starting week #1 on old WWers 

I got this!!! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When you know its time

How you know you need to lose weight

∆∆ pants don't fit
∆∆ shirts don't fit
∆∆ panties don't fit
∆∆️ bras don't fit
∆∆️ every day you say to yourself today I'm gonna start
∆∆ you always seem to be having your "last meal"
∆∆ your workout pants are either falling down too big, or you have belly rolls happening
∆∆ you keep buying food and throwing it away for the food that will make the diet work.... This time                         
∆∆ people make comments like "oh are you sure you want to eat that?" Instead of making comments about how small you are because you're no longer small
∆∆ you find yourself sneaking food
∆∆ you rationalize .... It's muscle ... From so much working out
∆∆ no one is noticing .... Hopefully

But there comes a time when you can't lie to yourself any more

I have to keep trying

Today I did good
Not perfect
But its progress, not perfection

Tomorrow a new day

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