Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What works what doesn't

when I started this blog... I just wanted to be accountable 
then I started losing weight 
got to my goal weight

and I had some rough times 
I have regained 25 from my lowest (138) 
so I am on a journey back to goal 

I am more relaxed now then I was 5 years ago 
I feel like I know more of what works for me 

I need FOOD... bars and shakes are okay but trying to lose weight on just bars and shakes is disastrous for me 

tried it ... didn't work 

I need carbs... tried low carb... didn't work... I was sick with the Keto flu and the weight I lost found me back in mere moments after reintroducing carbs back 

The current WWers plan and meetings... doesn't work for me ... the meetings are just a shopping trip to their yummy stash and I eat BOXES of the treats .... and the "free" fruit... don't even go there with me .... doesn't work for me 

Counting calories... can we talk obsessed: .... doesn't work for me 

meal prepping a zillion meals at a time... uber organization ..... got bored of the meals... didn't like the rigidity .... nah didn't work for me 

so I just keep food I know is easy to fix... eggs, sandwich thins, frozen vegetables, apples, pears, berries, cottage cheese, tuna, almond milk, Quest bars, protein, tuna, pickles.... etc and make my food every morning to whatever looks good to me and I log it in an app I use on my phone that tracks the old weight watcher points and snap 

just kind of clicks for me 

right now 

tomorrow... next month... who knows? but this way worked in 2010 and it is working again in 2015

so what the heck 

riding the wave right now! 

have an awesome day!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

da wee hours of the morn

I have been blogging 5 years and 4 months!!! What the heck!! 

I started in December of 09
looking back feel weird 
Tried several food plan's 
Old Weight Watcher points... this is how I lost all my weight in 2010
Trainer food plan 
joined Weight Watchers
quit Weight Watchers 
Whole 30
Calorie counting 
My Fitness pal 
joined Weight Watchers 
quit Weight Watchers 
Lose it app 
Low Carb 
and back to the beginning... Old Weight Watcher plan 
full circle 

walked and did abs at home 
trainer part time once a week boot camp
trainer full time 2-4 times a week 
switched trainers
trainer 5AM classes 2-3 times a week 
back to old trainer 
Orange Theory
quit trainer 
quit Orange Theory 

back to gym 
back to abs at home 
undecided on what to do now..... 

I miss the gym 
I miss lifting 
but with my new store opening and the  anticipated LONGER hours 
I just don't know 
kind of winging it right now 
but weight is coming off 
slowly but that's okay 

for today food is packed 
didn't sleep worth a hoot last night 
2 AM outta bed 

but hooey on that....
I am going to go out and make today a GOOD DAY!!! 

me and mass quantities caffeine of course!! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

let's talk food

Got up this morning before the alarm @ 4:10 AM

made a shake... 8 ounces almond coconut milk ... Califa is my favorite 
with a scant scoop of protein 
this is what I use in place of coffee creamer 

packed my food for work... I work 10 hour days and add on a commute... an hour each way 

the commute doesn't bother me in the least... I listen to books on tape... currently on 
Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series... people think I am nuts when they see me laughing my arse off driving. I have read all her books, but now I am going through them audio 

any whoosle 

2 slices turkey on a sandwich thin with spicy mustard and a laughing cow wedge.. with pickles 

3 egg whites with spicy mustard on 2 slices of high fiber crispy Bimbo bread 

Quest bar 

entire bag of broccoli frozen... cooked then drained and cooled on paper towels... add in a serving of low fat cottage cheese (I don't like the non fat cottage cheese... yucko) and some dressing... I thin my dressing half and half dressing and balsamic vinegar

I will probably buy a pear at work 

2 low fat Eggo waffles and 3 whites (this I will eat on the commute to work) 

large carb-d-light frozen yogurt (this I will eat on my way home) 

no gym yesterday or today... but Monday I should be able to go after work 

but I did get in a good amount of steps yesterday according to my fitbit 
This is pretty much a normal workday for me


 17655 steps taken
 32 floors climbed
  • You have climbed: Big Ben 
 4.74 miles traveled
 2522 calories burned

so have a great day Internet folks and blog at cha later


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Post visit thoughts

I had a big visit... lot's of pressure a whole bus of the office folks at my store
.... seriously! a bus load of folks 

why am I blogging about it? because of my reaction to stress is usually to consume mass quantities of food... preferably chocolate and processed garbage 

but not this time.... 

no binge in sight!!! shocker!!! 

I peeked at the scale this morning... tomorrow is weigh in day but looks like another half pound 

but I am good with that ... 

I am eating about every 2 hours
never hungry 
have my frozen yogurt on the regular 

I have even incorporated my beloved Quest bars into my daily diet 
I am off the coffee creamer totally 
now I have a coffee protein shake in the morning 

so there's no rush 
I will get there... 
where ever "there" is 

so for today 
love, Peace and chicken grease 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Put on your big girl pants and deal

I spent this morning reading a LOT of other bloggers

and ya know what I came up with? 
I need to chill the heck out!!! 

it's funny when I had my yearly performance review with my boss 
her closing comment to me 
"Karla... don't be so hard on yourself" 


does my boss know me or what? 

food has been on point 
today's day off food plan 

at the pink lines I have to have a liter of water drank 
and I need to go to the gym
but my old trainer could be there and I am chicken 
maybe I will go in disguise

OMG I am such a wuss 

I can deal with confrontation at work 
kinda sorta ... yeah I am good for the most part 
but I am a real life 

again me posting too much 
I may or may not put on my big girl pant and go to the gym 
and deal with it 

we'll see 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ramblings about the gym

Gym's are funny places 
you have the perfect fitness people 

perfect form 
trendy clothes from Lulu 

then me 
pants 5 years old
men's T Shirt 
I was never comfortable in those ladies tanks 
they expose all the giggly bits 
just doing my thang 
feeling like a dork

then lets talk cardio 
the ladies that NEVER touch a weight 
are ALWAYS at the gym 
no matter what time I go 
yep they are still there 
doing what must be 
hours and hours of cardio 
how do they do it? 
I wanna quit after 25 minutes 
okay I am lying 
I wanna quit after 5 minutes!!!! 

the folks that bust their butts 
I see them killing it 
but their bodies never change 
ahhhh this may be me 

but because the gym is the easy part 
(in my mind) 
because the diet is not on point 
body doesn't change 
dang frustrating 

the women that seem to have it all together 
oh man they intimidate me 
yeah okay everyone has a different story  
so why do I care? 
so silly of me 
like they spend even 2 seconds thinking about me 
in my silly over-sized man shirt 
doing my dork-a-work out  

then those danged like super athletic folks 
they will run like the wind
do the stairs at uber hyper speed 
lift a crazy amount of weight 
but I keep pluggin along 
it's me against me 
but I notice them 
and I .... kind of feel small 
but I keep pluggin 

flexin my baby guns 

nope I am not going to give up 
this is the goal 

Oldest female bodybuilder 
well maybe not entirely my goal...
but she inspires me 

these ladies inspire me
they don't give up
It is NEVER too late
focus focus focus
(that is my bosses favorite line!!)
Focus Karla
don't give up


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Morning chit chat

Weight loss last week .5

I am good with that 
Have you ever watched Seinfeld? 
I had an Elaine Benez BIG salad last night 

that baby was ginormous!!! 


and after... 100 calorie popcorn bag and 4 Snackwell cookies

so usually before weigh in I go easy the night before...
last night not so much 
and I used 21 of my weekly points so a loss ... boo yah!!! 

because remember .5 X 52 weeks = 25 pounds lost in a year!!! 

so goals this week: 
stop being a pansy and go to gym... scardy cat, chicken 

I have been sick (see the excuses I am making) 
been busy (yeah right... no more than usual) 
dang girl just get off your keister and 

maybe tomorrow 

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