Monday, December 22, 2014

today's grub hub

I usually do Fitness Pal not every day 
 but today's grub: 

First coffee: I mix SF Carnation creamer equal parts to unsweetened almond milk 

I will make a shake for the drive to work : Whey, and  1/2 frozen banana and frozen strawberries blended with water... yummo!!!! 

5 egg whites ... and my mix of Oatmeal, hemp, flax and chia 

yogurt with an apple covered in cinnamon 

broccoli with a Garden veggie patty with some popcorn seasoning and 
I will put Amino acids on it also 
 which tastes just like Soy Sauce... minus the soy 

cauliflower smooshed
SF Walden Farms BBQ sauce and 3 ounces of chicken 

I keep frozen vegetables handy all the time (see above!) and I buy the Kirkland cooked Chicken breast meat from Costco and chop it up and freeze it into 3 ounce baggies for morning easy food prep .... also see above 

also new find at Smart and Final these white food containers
they are made of some sort of paper pulp 
use once and throw away 
no more million containers 
and not too costly either! 

keep hard boiled eggs always done 
and make my oatmeal into a GIANT baggie ..... 
I like it 1/4 cup oats... 1T hemp... 1T flax and 1.5 t chia... roughly 
so I just make it all out into a giant baggie and mornings I just scoop out a 1/4 cup and it's quick 

I don't want to have to think too danged much at 5 AM in the morning 

tootles have a kick ass day!!! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 plans

What's your plan? 

any thing you want to do differently? 

less sugar?

lose weight?

eat better?
give up coffee?

no gluten?
low carb?
GMO free? 
more healthy fats?
more gym time?
build more muscle mass? 
be a better person?
get more sleep? 

stop kicking puppies and small children?

hahaha just kidding .... about the puppies...
I would never kick a puppy 

gee's pee's calm down people! 
I think I am going to set a few goals ....
totally measurable and attainable 
I think
New Years resolutions have never worked for me.... ahhh WRONG!!!!  
in 2010 I started this blog and lost a butt load of weight 

so I am still thinking 
What to do? What to do? 

get back to 138? 
keep my sugar under 40 grams per day to reduce those crazy binges?
eat more real food and less processed?
I shudder to think about giving up coffee.... 

no that's not going to happen
gluten = this for me

so that is already gone ... 
low carb? kinda/sorta... not really 

GMO free? oh please... I am getting too obsessive now! 
more healthy fats? definitely with the reduction of sugar and the more real; foods will naturally follow with more healthy fats 
more gym time? ... I have started Orange Theory and have upped my gym time so 4 days a week is kind of the norm for me lately ... helps with my stress ... which takes care of the next 2... leaner and more muscle mass as long as I stick to cleaner eating and reducing my sugar
ummmm I can be kind of ______ at times... need to really work on this one but the added gym time + the better eating = a better frame of mind = less nasty me 

more sleep? I have to keep my mitts off my cell phone at night 

puppies I love... 

Screaming small humans.... not so much
 and in my line of work I see a this EVERY. DANGED. DAY.   

so 2015 will be about:


Thursday, December 18, 2014

huh? what? really? no... yeah ... huh?

am I alone? 
I get confused on whats healthy and wholesome and good for you? 
coconut oil refined vs unrefined? 
cold pressed... huh what? 

grapeseed oil
canola oil
avocado oil 

okay I wiki'd it and came up with 33 different kind's of oils


and don't even get me started on the whole soy milk, coconut milk cows milk, I even saw a cashew milk on Instagram the other day 

is that a word? ickies? 

so I have a problem..... 
change is coming AGAIN.... I have struggled to find a balance between my demanding hours and working out 

problem solved!!!! 

work out rating --- kick ass 
sweat factor ------ yes sir ee BOB!!! 
class availability with my schedule --- winner winner 
cost ----- totally doable 
winner winner!!!

dance card day off agenda: 
work out
breakfast with son
have to buy ONE more Christmas gift 

when all I want to do is curl up 
and watch Christmas movies 

dang sometimes being a adult sucks 
155.8 this morning 
need to get to 154 
that's the TOP 
load limit amount 

tootles bloggity folks 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reward.... lost mojo

Sunday morning 
feeling "puffy" 
Cheesecake Factory... bled right into Cake and Candy Saturday

okay I have had some really really bad days... and usually that's not a huge deal, but when they string together ..... well lets just say 

Introducing.... Karla!!!!

so I looked into all these food prep, food delivery companies...
nah, no....
today I will food prep 
cause I think the actual process of doing the shopping, cooking, measuring and weighing out the portions helps to motivate me 
cause girl friend here... needs some HELP!!! 
send in the Calvary!!! 

in reflecting about 2014 
it has kind of been all about excuses 
I need to but on my big girl panties in 2015 and 
man up!!! 

I need to focus on what I can change and accept what I can't 
serenity prayer 
dang I kind have forgotten all about that prayer 
I think that will be my focus for 2015
the serenity prayer 

so today I am off 
I am going to try out Orange Theory Fitness 
they have Sunday classes Good point
they have come HIGHLY recommended  another good 
Not to far from home
so we will see 
I will recap in a later post 

Trader Joes for Egg white salad
Smart and Final for food containers 
Costco for Chicken, some veggies, frozen fruit...
eggs ... (yeah... whatever I think they sell some of the good ones... I will post about this later) 

and try and find my mojo 

Stop making excuses 
and own my choices 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Brain on Karla... aka your brain on crack

I have been reading labels lately 
oh and totally being obsessive about it also!!! 

yeah... my brain doesn't work in little increments 
obsessive all the way is kinda how I work 

so any whoosle 
I follow all these GMO people on Instagram
freak out because that's all I think about and delete them all 
kinda sorta how my Instagram account goes 
so my newest obsession is food labels, GMO's and organics 

but baby steps... right 
just got back from the grocery store.... yeah so what that it's only 6:30

OMG ... I get so distracted 
my son says I have adult ADT, or is it OCD? or ADD? or ADHD? 
dang that thing where you can't focus too long on any one thing 

sooooooooooo eggs 
yeah that was the idea today to talk about eggs 
focus woman!!! 
this has always been my go to 

but wait 
so today's find 

OMG my Sister will be soooooo 

but consistency is critical 
and the key to so much 
in both my personal AND professional lives 
so I have to make a commitment to only buy organic, free range eggs 
the vegetarian feed part kinda freaked me out 
OMG!!! GMO corn maybe??? 
told ya I am a bit of a freak!! 

sorry guys it seems like my posts are looooonnnngggg 

oh yeah and weight IS. NOT. GOOD. 
155.2 this morning 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

label junkie saga continues

artificial sweeteners have always confused me 
I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know they are bad for you 
but which one is "less bad" 
not as harmful to yee ole bod? 
and brain? 

okay let's look at this... hummm Sweet'n Low 
#1 ingredient Dextrose 

oh wow ... now this looks healthier! Stevia ... 

#1 ingredient Dextrose
dang same ole same ole 
just a healthier looking marketing strategy 

okay now this has to be healthier!!!
everyone knows you choose the green packets always first...

#1 ingredient Dextrose 
well crap!!

now this HAS to be better
err ... ahh right? 

#1 ingredient erythritol
I see a Google search in my future!!

this beautiful pink Cottage cheese has always been the go-to brand of my family
I mean come on now people this HAS. TO. BE. HEALTHY!!! 
what the heck!! what is all those danged ingredients!!! 
the scariest I am thinking is "natural flavor" 
ahhh why do you need to add in a "natural flavor" 
isn't that called ... ahhh food? 
no just kidding
but ... she has opened my eyes to labels 

so now this brand is my go to brand 
yep label junkie 

then I picked up this little lovely 
same beloved pink label 
too many ingredients 
and check out those sugar's and carbs!!?? 

ignorance WAS bliss 

so things I am pondering.... 

I have also seen on Instagram 
...yep I am an Instgram junkie as well!!! 
any whoosle 
is a company called 
minimum order is $100
okay.... humm not too Gawd awful 
and looking at it I can build my own meals 
freeze some 
and now that it's just the hubby and myself cooking is a little 
he eats one way... I eat the polar opposite way 

so I may give them a try
my concerns.... 
do they recycle the containers? 
OMG!!! I am such a hypocrite!! 

as my Sister knows full well 
I do not recycle 
hanging head in shame 

but I do think about it

sorry this is such a long ass post